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BRHS Hackey Sack Rebellion


About the club
funny things...
These are all of the cool people who are in the club! I will get the rest of you people up here soon. They filled out these survey things and put what the wanted, thats why their descriptions are so goofy!

As you can tell some of the pics are not of the real people, i will put them up when they give me one.



D.O.B. - 6/14/87
Grade - 10
Favorite Band - Reel Big Fish
Favorite Movie - Clerks
Hobbies - playing guitar, sleeping, eating, hacking
Hacking Skill - Good on some days, horrible on other
Screen Name - ImNoTaCrOoK87

I own this website, i am cool and hot, girls should want to go out with me, but they don't. O well hackey sack is a way to relieve that pain. I feel better already.



D.O.B. - 8/16/87
Grade - 10
Favorite Band - Reel Big Fish
Favorite Movie - Dogma
Hobbies - Playing UO, Hacking, playying bass, riding around
Hacking skill - Pretty good
Screen Name - Yowhatup31

Zach is cool. He is the bassist in my band. He is better at hackey sack then me. Nobody likes him that much beacause he is an asshole to them. But he is cool.



D.O.B. - 11/20/86
Grade - 10
Favorite Band - he says he doesn't have 1
Favorite Movie - American History X, Rounders
Hobbies - Gambling, Hacking, and hanging out with friends
Hacking Skill - He can do a jester
Screen Name - HustlinGreed

Ryan goes to the weightroom, he is not as hardcore as we are. He also is pretty smart,he does all the work in Bio when i am his partner.



D.O.B. - 8/13/86
Grade - 11
Favorite Band - Senses Fail
Favorite Movie - Pokemon 3
Hobbies - Playing Guitar, Hacking the Sac
Hacking Skill - better then zach, Profesional
Screen Name - FinchTslAllister

He doesn't have any friends, but he has a hott girlfriend named Jean, NO you can not have her. He also likes his sister Sarah.


Matt "Strooly"

D.O.B. - 3/30/87

Grade - 10

Favorite Band - Green Day

Favorite Movie - Tron

Hobbies - Skating, Surfing, golfing, cars

Hacking skill - pretty good

Screen Name - NjPnKbkR33087

Matt likes girls, girls are hot. He likes skateboarding, he is single.



D.O.B. -
Grade - 9
Favorite Band -
FAvorite Movie -
Hobbies - Being obnoxious, hating squirrels, no being liked.
Hacking skill - not very good
Screen Name - jailguitardoors5

Cushman doesn't like squirells, he also is a very strange kid. His Mom has a restraining order on him. He is funny.


Matt P.

D.O.B. - 2/16/87
Grade - 10
Favorite Band - 311
Favorite Movie - Billy Madison
Hobbies - Skating, Surfing, Hockey, LAX, most importantly... kickin his sack
Hacking Skill - "THe GUnthar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Screen Name -

His Dope Ryme: My name is Matty P. I kick a good hack, i don't smoke krack, and im while and not black.I come through with the Gunthar attack!



D.O.B. - 6/21/87
Grade - 10
Favorite Band - Reel Big Fish
Favorite Movie - The Goonies
HObbies - Hacking, Paintball
Hacking skill - Ameture
Screen Name - charliesktr

He is VEry Cool


Brett "B"

D.O.B. - 1/20/87
Grade - 10
Favorite Band - MxPx
Favorite Movie - Half Baked
Hobbies - Hackey Sack, playing drums, and BMX
Skill - Ameture
Screen Name - Hurleysurfer573

He plays drums in out band, he likes RBF, me him and Dave are going to warped tour evey year now.



D.O.B. - 4/17/87
Grade - 10
Favorite Band - New Found Glory and Limp Bizkit
Favorite Movie - Dogma
HObbies - Hacking, UO, Listening to music, singing,hockey,writing with 5 fingers on pen
Skill - think of worst hacker ever, the subtract his skill by 1000
Screen Name - Limpbizkit8717

JIm's dope Ryme: I suck at hacking what can i say, my band should cover "Jacob thinks i'm gay"



D.O.B. - 9/11/85
Grade - 12
Favorite Band - Good Charlotte
Favorite Movie - Goonies
HObbies - Hackey Sack
Hacking skill - The Best
Screen Name -

He likes Hackey Sack, he wants to go to college for hackeysack. He also likes pumpkins.



D.O.B. - 8/13/85
Grade - 12
Favorite Band - anything other than Rap
Favorite Movie - Van Wilder
Hobbies - guitar, bass, hacking
Skill - none
Screen Name -

He has a belly button!!!!!!!!!



D.O.B. - 3/19/87
Grade - 10
Favorite Band - Wu Tang Clan
Favorite Movie - Menace to Society
HObbies - (His Own Words) Chllin w/ bitches, my boys, gettin drunk, blazin
Skill - Stalls
Screen Name -

all he does is chil, hack, blaze, shit like that.


Justin (Mofo)

D.O.B. - 7/26/87
Grade - 10
Favorite Band - NFG, Sugarcult
Favorite Movie - Happy Gilmore
Hobbies - Skating, BMX, LAX, Soccer
Skill - Better then most
Screen Name -

Mofo plays soccer so after practice sometimes he will come play with us. He doesn't like the sand sacks. He plays with his own sack and his own style.



D.O.B. - 6/7/88
Grade - 9
Favorite Band - TSL, Incubus, NFG
Favorite Movie - Any Jim Carrey movie and Bill and ted's excellent adventure
Hobbies - srufing,music,being leffler's sister, playing guitar, and hating angelo.
Skill - The best girl hacker, also the only one
Screen Name - Spunkee114

Sarah is the only girl hacker that we have, she always is wearing sumone else's hoodie that they let here borrow. She used to go out with angelo but now she hates him.

More people to be added when i ask them their stuff.