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BRHS Hackey Sack Rebellion


About the club
funny things...
Funny things that occured while hacking


Some stuff that is funny to us.

When we are playing hackey sack anywhere, funny things occur for some reason maybe its just cushman, but who knows.

Me and Zach were playing at his house and a car came, i decided to throw the sak over the car, but the sack "accidently" hit the windshield of the car and bounced off.

When me and Zach were the only ones playing on the front walkway and the mexican janitor played with us, he didn't speak english very well, and couldn't hack very well either.

The numerous times when we yelled out "look at that girls ass" into a large crowd of people and all of the dirty looks we get.

When me and Zach were playing in Somerville and the homeless guy was walking around doing some kind of weird dance, it was funny though.

When me and Zach played on the dumpster in front of 800 and the fat chinese kid couldn't climb up it, the nwe got yelled at by some teacher that said she called Mr. Dragon.

When Cushman asked a girl if she liked squirrels, he scared her, she told some big kid and he came over to yell at us but played hackey sack instead and was bad.

When me and Zach were playing in Somerville and some lady came up to us and said "look at that girls tail, she has a tail" we were pretty scared by then. Crazy people in somerville.

When Cushman took off his shirt and ran around the fieldhouse, then we pegged him and his back was all red.

When we had a circle of about 10 people playing in gym on a rainy day and Zach Csik kicked it at some freshman doing his homework, nailed him right in the head.

When me and Zach went to Jimbo's house and played with his brand new hackey sack. We "accidently" got it stuck on his roof, he had to get it the next day.

When we were walking to the weight room and Cushman asked Sarah for a tampon. He took the tampon and gave it to a girl from franklin field hockey. Go BR!