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Welcome to The BRHS Hackers!

THIS WEEKS SONG IS - Dopeman, Less than Jake

Turn on your speakers to hear it!

If you would like to request a song for next week then say it in the guestbook or something. Idk what the hell im doing anyway

Look in the school newspaper becuz we have a ssmall listing under mr. pernises thing for new teacher. It says that we are amazed by his skill in the sprot of hackey sack!!!

Well here it is, the BRHS HAckey Sack Rebellion website, sign the go damn guestbook, thats what it is there for! The rebellion is kind of on pauseright now because no one can stay after and me nad zach got into a little bit of trouble with the law. But we will be back, Hack On!!!

Arent those pictures on the side great. Yes, yes i believe they are. We want to get another group shot with more people in it next time so stay after next Wednesday.

I have also come to the conclusion that people dont like us very much. I hear thier comments as we hack and act like a bunch of immature underclassmen, because we are. I enjoy the ridicule and so should you becasue hackey sack is the best game ever invented.


From top left to bottom right : Carmello, Brandon, Charlie,Zach, Cushman, Somekid i dont know, Steve, Leffler, Brett, Strooly.




11/9/02 - everyone has a picture now!!!

11/7/02 - I added a leaderboards page and other good stuff!

11/2/02 - Well i havne't been here in a while, the rebellion is back where it started with me, zach, leffler, strooly, and cushamn. But we still stay after so come.

10/25/02 - I couldn't get on the site the past couple days. Im not gonna do any major updating now because im in keyboarding. As of now there is exactly 4 hours and 59 minutes untill Reel Big Fish!!!!



10/22/02 - I got half of the pics of of the disc, there is still more which is why some people don't have one, Everyone should stay after tomarrow so we can take more!!

10/17/02 - I was the 100th hit today to this site which is 5 days old!!! Im so proud. I replaced the RBF song on this page with Twisted Sister beause the school shut us down, but were not gonna take it!!!!! REBELLION!!!

10/16/02 - added more people to the list. Im gonna get the pics up later.

10/15/02 - I added more people to the club list of people. I also added a guestbook so u should use it. Im gonna start adding a leaderboard of the people who have been on the roof the most too. OK later

10/13/02 - got the Funny things that happened while hacking section up, added 3 more songs to the site.

10/12/02 - got the site up and added a message board, go me!